Our collective of practitioners provide you with exceptional healing and transformative experiences on your holiday.

Select practitioners, with over five years experience in their field of expertise, offer exclusive Wellness Masterclasses as part of your Moonshine Holiday. Weaving intentional teachings with practical techniques, for you to easily integrate the wisdom into your everyday life.

Genevieve Davis

Genevieve is a Creator, Medium, Healer, Doula and truth teller. She is deeply passionate about guiding others towards their highest potential and destiny, reclaiming their power and untamed wilderness. She is here to awaken you back into your divine source of light, soul’s mission, and pave a path that is deeply fulfilling and liberating.

Initiating many individuals back into their sacred divine feminine and masculine energies, innate gifts and connection to heaven and earth. She grounds your spiritual journey to honour your truth and purpose, and shed light on the unique difference you can make in our world.


Caterina Boutagy

Caterina is yoga and pilates teacher, retreat and cacao facilitator, and Ayurvedic wellness coach.

Caterina has worked with cacao as a plant medicine for many years. First connecting deeply with the sacred medicine during her two year journey up and down North, Central, and South America where she was blessed to experience cacao served in many different ways and settings, from dance floors in Mexico, rainbow gatherings in Colombia, cacao plantations in Brazil, and Mayan ceremonies in Guatemala. Some years later Caterina was initiated into an Andean way of serving the medicine by her teacher Jemmita, as has been passed on by the Andean lineage of the Seven Rays.


Vashti Whitfield Transformational Life Coach Australia

Vashti Whitfield

Vashti Whitfield is a globally-acclaimed coach and speaker, sought-after resilience and mindset expert, documentary maker, and published author. With over twenty years facilitating and studying the human experience of Life, Loss, Leadership and Legacy, Vashti is the definition of a Transformational Facilitator. 

As a true alchemist, after the death of her husband, Vashti chose to convert her own tragic loss into a catalyst to educate and inspire millions of people around the world. She now collaborates and works alongside inspiring individuals and an ever-growing global community on how to harness human potential through purpose and passion.


Jordanna Levin

Jordanna Levin

Jordanna is the bestselling author of Make It Happen and Higher Love and the host of three successful podcast shows. With her background in journalism, she has built a reputation for taking ‘big’ topics and making them relatable, digestible and downright entertaining. 

She is passionate to teach you the foolproof equation that has allowed thousands of women worldwide to manifest with ease.  A guided journey to gain clarity around what it is you want to manifest in your life and embody the tools that will allow you to immerse yourself in the life you’ve created for yourself.



Janoah Van Kekem

Janoah is a Mindfulness and Vedic Meditation teacher with up to 10 years experience in the field. Passionate about normalising daily meditation, his teaching approach is all about keeping it real, fun and easy for his students to integrate it into their everyday life.

Spending the first part of his life working in corporate development, Janoah actually stumbled across meditation. Being a skeptic it took him a while to warm to it - but once he learnt the full technique of Vedic Meditation, it completely changed his life. Now? He delivers meditation and mindset courses to businesses and private groups across the world.


Zoe Bosco (67 of 173)

Zoe Bosco

Zoe is a Quantum Healer and Kinesiologist, who holds sacred space to connect deeply to your heart and set intentions for what you desire to create and manifest. Infused with Kinesiology and embodiment practices to support you in aligning your subconscious field with your conscious intent. 

Set intentions and expand into the field of potential. You will be guided to learn how to insource divine feminine wisdom, guidance, and creativity to discover your unique magic.Return home equipped with the art of self balancing techniques, resources and meditations to continue to anchor your practice. 



Patrice Douglas

Patty is a mentor for women who seek to explore the tantalising edges of life and crack open the potential of their spiritual essence. Her mission is to guide you back to your centre and have you trust yourself enough to hear, listen and live by the orgasmic whispers of your soul.

She has supported women all over the world to welcome in the infinite magic and guidance that is always available. Patty believes that a woman who is nourished and rested is unstoppable, and when you marry that with a powerful relationship with herself, life and her spirit guides -  there’s nothing she can’t be, do or have.


Nick Perry

Nick Perry is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Men’s Work Facilitator who is passionate and driven by authentic relating and inspired living. Nick’s education in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching draws from personal mentoring and learning from some of the world’s leading healers, facilitators and physical therapists.

For the last decade he has immersed himself in study and experimentation, acquiring qualifications across a broad range of modalities. Over the last few years his reach in the world has spread far, as he shares his knowledge, experience and personal story through podcasts, workshops and teachings in Pleasure School. Known for his deep presence, relatability and down-to-earth nature, Nick’s goal when working with clients is to leave them feeling empowered and aligned in themselves - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Cassey Maynard

Cass is a Holistic Health and Fitness Expert, who has been working with women for over 10 years. She shifts the perspective of over training, restrictive lifestyle and obsessive behaviour – highlighting it as a very unhealthy masculine way of ‘doing' that leads to breakdowns, burnouts, injuries, body shaming and guilty feels.

She guides you to slow down and connect to your body again. To learn how to honour and work with your cycle and bleed. To gain awareness around your masculine and feminine energies. To deepen your relationship with your body, womb and heart. To unblock chakras that are holding you back from standing in your power. 



Kerrie Louise

Kerrie is a Tantra teacher, a Tao Tantric Sacred Feminine Arts facilitator, and an embodiment, sexuality and relationship coach for singles and couples. She works closely with individuals to access deep healing, love, freedom and inner-empowerment.

Learn the art for of Tantric philosophy that will empower you to understand the nature of your own potent life-force. Navigate your emotions, and work with areas of resistance so you can become an energetic match for your dream life, career and partnership. A journey with Kerrie opens the pathways to reconnect with inner-knowing and optimum health.


Heidi Lampard

Heidi is a qualified and dedicated 650RYT, Yoga Practitioner, and Wellness Coach based in Byron Bay. She has been practicing yoga over 20 years and is wholeheartedly passionate about helping others to experience the magic of this practice also.

Heidi lives and breathes the teachings of yoga throughout every aspect of her life. Through her light, playful, open-minded, nurturing, accepting and calming essence she guides her students through their practice with warmth, a gentle strength and an open heart. From beginner to advanced, Vinyasa or Yin Yoga, Heidi will personalise every class - and include meditation, pranayama and essential oils to further ground a most restorative experience.


Kirsten Leo

Kirsten is an Intuitive Psychic, Healer, Mediator and facilitator of journeys that will guide you deeper into yourself. She works with people who are ready to open themselves to the infinite wisdom and transformative power of Spirit energy.

Lovingly guiding any person who is ready to peel back layers of untruth and heal old wounds so that they may embody their true and loving nature, realise the potency of their inherent gifts, expand their capacity to enjoy ease and abundance, and ultimately be in service to others. Kirsten's intention is that you realise your value is unchanging, your gifts are inherent, your capacity to give and receive love is unbounded, and your power and potential is unlimited.


Brieann Boal

Brieann is a certified Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness Instructor and Holistic Personal Trainer. She is also a writer and the founder of Wabi-Sabi Well, a holistic wellness method that blends metabolism-boosting movement, mindfulness and deep relaxation techniques to restore harmony and wellbeing.

Brieann loves facilitating experiences of deep connection and presence, creating lush multi-sensory experiences and soundscapes that include quartz crystal singing bowls and other vessels of sound therapy. She is the Sound Therapist for Byron Private Rehabilitation Centre and a handful of boutique mindfulness studios in the Byron region.


Gabrielle Wright Astrologer

Gabrielle Wright

Gabrielle is an Evolutionary Astrologer who weaves her own intuitive gifts into the ancient language of astrology, creating a container of intimate and gentle guidance well beyond her years.

Gabrielle is devoted to supporting people realign with their souls truth in experiencing the life they deserve. Through both her own experiences and that of her clients Gabrielle has witnessed how understanding your personal astrology is a tool of radical transformation. She believes in embodied Astrology as a tool to liberate from the chains of societal conditioning  in favour of embodying your unique magnetism, divine purpose and creative essence. Her Birth Chart Readings are a portal to your most authentic self.


Sarah Rickerby

Sarah Rickerby

Sarah is a Practitioner of Grounded Energy Medicine, with 25 years training and experience as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. Her visionary and energetic abilities have been consciously and quietly cultivated over many years. A dedicated path, approached with integrity and humility. 

Sarah believes in empowering the individual to consciously work with their innate abilities and healing potential. Whether reducing physical pain, healing a grieving heart, stilling an overactive mind, releasing trauma, working with your inner child, ancestral lines, past lives or deepening your spiritual connection and knowing.

Billie Schwamberg

Billie is the Founder of Moonshine Holiday and a Practitioner specialising in mindset and energetic, qualified in NLP, hypnosis ECT (Emotional Change Technique) and reiki. She is dedicated to supporting others in stepping into their full potential - easily.  Her style is grounded in proactive mindset conditioning whilst weaving through spiritual practice to cleanse and ground the auric field.

Billie working closely with clients to go back to the original imprint where limiting beliefs and emotions have formed. Here addressing and releasing them at the root so they can completely let go and come back to present, walking fearlessly towards their future.


Lara Zilibowitz Yoga Masterclass Byron Bay

Lara Zilibowitz

Lara is an internationally touring yoga teacher and artist renowned for her fluid teaching style delivered with heartfelt poetic prose.

Each practice with Lara is an invitation to sensitise back to your wild, untamed, original nature as you map the topography of your inner wildness with every breath and movement. With a focus on embodied curiosity and compassionate inquiry, she holds space for you to connect back with your innate bodily wisdom as a portal to unlocking who you truly are.

Lara is founder of Body Poetry Yoga and Art of Being Retreats, hosting masterclasses, teacher training and retreats around Australia and the world.